Saturday, May 28, 2011

nesting part II

Nursery completed: Check.

Clothes washed and baby gear ready for use: Check.

Downstairs baby station: Check.

Very cool and untacky European collapsable bathtub: Check.

As you can see, I am now in full nesting mode. The only thing missing in this equation is a bouncing baby boy. And fortunately for mom and dad, my nesting has carried over into our personal spaces as well. Our closet has never been cleaner. I am purging, scrubbing, organizing like crazy!

I can't stop!

Even in the kitchen!

And what baby-ready household would be complete without Summer pillows?

Oh who am I kidding! I've been nesting my whole life. It's just that now I can give it a cute name and a darn good excuse. Until now, I've just been labeled a psycho. Now, I am a "nesting mother". Much cuter.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

button owl project

After hanging the mirror in the nursery, I realized that hanging a pair of something on either side would give a symmetrical look that I really crave in a room. In fact, after walking around my house, I noticed I have a pair of something hanging on either side of every mirror on the wall. So I dug out two old frames that I'd been saving. I got them at my local flea market for $10 each about two years ago.

I ordered vintage brown-toned buttons off of ebay for $8.50- a bag full of them! Then I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out two pieces of scrapbook paper that matched the decor of the room. I chose a green and white plaid gingham because of the other gingham accents in the room. It was much easier to find paper in this print, and I was afraid the buttons glued to the fabric might make it sag a little once I put it in the frame.

I laid out a design and played with it a little before actually gluing them down. For the glue, I used Liquid Stitch fabric glue. Elmer's would have probably worked too, but this stuff is really sticky, and I didn't want to risk the buttons coming loose.

After the buttons dried for a few hours, I wrapped the paper around two measured-to-fit pieces of cardboard and glued it down.

After that dried, I used a heavy duty staple gun to staple the cardboard into the frames. Overall, this project took about two hours, once I had all of the supplies at hand. I think it turned out great!

We also added a green stripe to the color pattern on the paneling, just to tie everything together. The nursery feels complete- now the only thing missing is a sweet baby boy!

Have a happy Mother's Day!