Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

don't have a heart attack

But we're back. I know. I let even more time pass than the last time I apologized for being incognito. I just simply haven't had the time to sit down and actually write a post worth reading in the short time I have "off". It's like when you don't answer the phonecall of someone you know you really need to talk to because it's been so long, but you simply don't have the forty-five minutes you need to REALLY catch them up, so you just don't answer. It's bad I know.

Right now he's asleep in his bouncy chair on the dining room table, so instead of dusting the office, I decided to sit down at the computer instead!

Things are going great! Bear is almost three months old and is the sweetest baby EVER. He sleeps through the night, charms absolute strangers and friends alike, eats like a champ, you name it. He rarely cries unless his hair gets caught in the velcro of his bib, or he's dirty or sleepy. Who can blame him for that?!

We are holding down the fort quite nicely as well. No time for TV or social networking, but fun nonetheless. Keeping up with cleaning and laundry has replaced a morning workout, which is probably not a bad thing. Along with breastfeeding, never sitting down has allowed me to fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes! See?...

I also had a birthday!: a wonderful 31st birthday where I did laundry all day while it rained outside and then went on my first outing since Bear's arrival. My sweet momma kept him while we went to Terry's for dinner. We spent most of our romantic dinner looking at pictures of Bear on my phone and talking/reenacting funny things he does. We are such PARENTS! I love it.

Here we are eating out at Bossa Nova. We love going here with Bear because the ladies that work here are so nice and seem to really like him. Even patrons at the restaurant look at him adoringly when we take him out of his seat if he gets restless. No judgement here! Love that! You'd be surprised at the looks you can get from people when you bring your baby with you out to eat. Uh!

My child loves to read! Hallelujah!

This face pretty much sums up the dogs' attitude toward the whole situation.

We'll see you soon~

C, F, and B