Sunday, February 27, 2011

nursery update part 2

What was I saying about a gender neutral nursery? Um...yeah. Once you find out the gender of your sweet boo, you want to completely indulge in all things boy/girl. I have completely changed my color scheme and pattern. Boogie seems to like it.

Our sweet friend came over to help "build" the crib, as my adorable husband put it. (It had twelve pre-drilled holes for screws.)

This is how it has looked for weeks. Yikes.

 Enter Mom to the rescue. She came in and removed all excess items and lovingly packed them into her storage for our next garage sale. We bought hundreds of dollars in fabrics that she took home with her in bags. They will soon debut in the room as beautiful draperies, quilts, pillows, bumper pad, bedskirt, and changing pad covers. God I love that woman.

 He will not need this chair very often, because he will be so well-behaved. We are counting on him taking after me. ;-)

 Sweet outfits, care of the grandmothers, just waiting.

 Remember that shelf that was in the room before? Here it is in the closet as an alternative to a chest of drawers. We have six more small baskets on order to fill those other two shelves. The closet in this room is quite large. I predict he will hide out in here with Gizmo. They're going to be best friends.

Here is a close-up of what will be the drapery fabric. It looks just like one of my husband's favorite shirts, which I happen to love. Those baskets are filled with vintage wooden toys donated by my mother-in-law.

 Of course, this room is nowhere near complete. We have big plans over Spring Break. There is still painting to be done, draperies to be installed, and I'm on a quest for the perfect rug to give some definition to what will be my little nursing nook. Oh yeah, and I need a glider, side table...

Here's to our sweet baby boy and a great weekend!

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