Friday, November 19, 2010

bathroom befores

Our little hall bathroom at the top of the stairs functions as our master bathroom. There is a bathroom attached to the guest bedroom, but we prefer this one because it's so much "larger". Ha!

Here is a before picture. Gotta love hunter green. I predict this bathroom had a makeover in the 1980's, but little had been done since then. The tub was original, but that was about it. If only all of those square white tiles had been subway tiles! So close!

We tore everything out of here. And boy, did it stir up a stink! This toilet had been leaking for quite a while, and the floor under the tile was extremely damp. We waited a couple of days for it to dry out before we put in the new floor. We tore out the old sink and vanity, the tile off of the walls, everything! Shoo wee!

This shower door was just icky. And everytime you closed it to get in the shower, it pushed a little stream of water against the wall and ran down behind the tiles and down the wall into the the little half bath directly below this room. Water seems so harmless until it goes somewhere it shouldn't!

Now it's a wonderful "new" old bathroom. We kept the original tub. No need to reglaze when you use Barkeeper's Friend. I bought it at Williams Sonoma to clean my Le Crueset pot and figured it could do the tub some good. It made it look like new! However, I later found the same stuff at Wal-Mart for about half the price. Not quite as glamorous as Williams Sonoma, but the exact same product.

We tore out the old tile and replaced it with white subway tiles. I absolutely love white subway tiles! They make everything look classic and clean. The floor is a 1" hexagon tile floor very common in old homes. People can't believe it's not original. I've changed the decor in here several times since we completed this project. That's the great thing about using classic elements. They go with everything!

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Friday!

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