Thursday, November 4, 2010

master bedroom makeover

Our master bedroom is a retreat, a haven, a place to hibernate and emerge refreshed. But it didn't start out that way. Check out that Pepto pink painted wallpaper.

Once again, carpet covering beautiful hardwood floors. These were not in as great a shape as the living room. But I didn't care. I felt like an archaeologist as I exposed them to the light for the first time in decades.

Gotta love those very phallic pendent lights. I believe this bedroom belonged to the only daughter of the couple that lived here. I imagine her lying on her bed that was probably placed between these two lights and talking on her princess phone.

The wallpaper was a thick painted canvas. It ripped down pretty easily. Dry rot worked to my advantage here.

I see you creepy tall post!

Lots of replaster work to be done in here. My poor uncle. I got to do all the fun demo and then show him my work like a proud first grader wanting a star on their paper. He'd smile a pained grin and then tell me he could fix it. Thanks Uncle John! See ya! Off I went to the next room to tear something else up.

Now it looks like this. Clean. Calm. Beautiful! I steam-mopped the floors about a hundred times and hand scraped all colors of paint splatters off of them with a razorblade and flat-blade screwdriver. Fun Fun. Again, no refinishing hardwoods. I like the rustic look, and 8 X 10 rugs. We painted the trim, ceiling, walls, everything. We added crown-molding and new light fixtures. Complete overhaul!

Speaking of rugs, this one is from West Elm and we've had it for years. I just take it to have it cleaned every once in a while and it comes back looking brand new and smelling like Pantene. Thank you Mr. Martinous at Martinous Oriental Rugs! Love them.

Hope you enjoyed!
Have a great Thursday!

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