Friday, December 31, 2010

goodbye Christmas

It's around this time that the tree and I develop a love/hate relationship. Yesterday, I dragged her to the curb and left her there. I felt guilty as I looked out the window a dozen times to see if she was still sitting there. I secretly hoped someone would come steal her to sink her into a fishing hole somewhere so she could continue to bring joy to someone!

I have a ritual for deChristmasing. I go around the house and collect anything holiday related and put it on the dining room table. My eyes boggle at the sight of my loot. I felt a bit like a pirate that revels in the sight of their treasure. So many pretties! I have to admit, I was proud. But then, the next day, when it's all still sitting there, I hate it. I want it to go away. I begin wondering why I do this to myself every year. I begin putting my once prized Christmas treasures into the "Garage Sale" rubbermaid  bin that sits dustily in the basement.

 After the packing, the cleaning begins. This goes on for hours. I happen to really enjoy cleaning, so this is the best part for me. Then I like to sit on the sofa for about an hour and look at design books to get ideas of how to put it all back together. Various snacks are enjoyed during this time as well. Then, after I've dragged this process out all day and I'm still sitting in my pajamas and I realize that my husband will be home from work in an hour, I go through the house like a white tornado and put everything away (exactly like it looked before Christmas) and quickly get showered and dressed in actual clothes. As I finish winding up the cord on the vacuum cleaner, I hear hubby's keys rattling as he opens the door. The house looks glorious, I feel accomplished, and overall, the makings for a perfect evening are in the works.

Christmas is fun for a time, but the feeling of renewal that comes afterward is the real gift. I think God definately intended it to be that way. Whether it be a healthier diet, stronger relationships, cleaner living, or just a happier you in general, I hope everyone is able to take advantage of the calm that comes after the Christmas storm. I like the day after. When you're sitting in a quiet, clean house and you realize that life is good. And you have the whole year ahead of you. And all you have to do is be ready for what adventures are coming your way.

Cheers to 2011.

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