Sunday, April 3, 2011


Let me warn you by saying that this is an awfully cheesy post, but I just have to brag on this wonderful beam of light in my life that is my husband.

He is not your average guy. He walks by a piece of thread or leaf on the carpet and picks it up and puts it in the trash can. Not because he is all that neat, but because he knows that if I saw it, I would pick it up, and he's saving me the trouble.

He lives to make me laugh, and let me tell you, he is HILARIOUS. His dry, witty humor is the stuff Seinfeld episodes are made of. I walk around the house with a constant grin when he is home.

He works. HARD. He is always striving and strategizing on how to make our lives better. He gets up everyday more motivated than the previous to meet, learn, connect, and impress everyone he comes in contact with.

But most of all, he loves ME with all his heart. Everyday. He is the portrait of loyalty. I am so lucky to have such a jewel of a person to share a life with.

And I hope that our son is just like him.

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