Saturday, April 16, 2011


Like the mother bird that has made a nest over our front door, I've been doing a lot of primping, cleaning, and fluffing in preparation for baby Smith's arrival. I know he will really appreciate the new arrangement I added to the dining room table.

I bought an old toy box at a garage sale for $30. We had it professionally painted by a car painter with car paint. It looks great and the paint job is super durable.

I added a mirror on the wall by the crib. Note: an earthquake couldn't move this thing. It is secured with a three-prong nail hook that is made to hold up to 100 pounds. I also pulled the crib away from the wall a bit. Safety first!

This is a picture of my PawPaw when he was a little boy. Doesn't he look dapper? After all, baby Smith's namesake was PawPaw's grandmother.

In our room, recent additions include the crochet lace valences and new alabaster lamps. I used Pottery Barn burlap lampshades and love the way they turned out. Also, there is a white matelasse bedspread for spring/summer, and a new needlepoint owl pillow that was a gift from hubby.

The little shelf on my side is new too. It doesn't hold much, but I like the look of the white with the wood framed blue jay print.

Storage baskets for baby Smith's toiletries replaced an array of knick knacks that used to fill these bathroom shelves. These will be for baby wash cloths, toys, baby wash, hooded towels, etc. I like them so much better than the decorative items that were there before. These had been hiding in the closet for years! It's amazing how you can love something you already own even more when it's repurposed.

Last weekend, we had a very successful garage sale at Mom's. (Trying to bring OUT more than is brought IN.) Closets are sparse, and we even have a few empty kitchen cabinets and drawers. There's a lot to be said for simplifying! Feels so great!

Have a great weekend!

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