Monday, October 25, 2010


Last weekend, my friends and I took a little trip to...

We immediately made a beeline for the corndog stand. For those that don't know us, we have a thing for corndogs, in honor of our good friend Dickey, from the Maumelle bowling alley.

We heard a rumor there were two-footers to be had. And oh, it was true.

Ellis was not afraid of the challenge. The nice young man in the background is not so sure about it.

No trip to the fair is complete without a little corndog shakin'.

Our friend, the sweet vegetarian, opted for a healthier choice; God bless her!

It was a lovely day for a ride on your chicken.

This friend is not a vegeterian. She likes Fred Flintstone-style turkey legs. It was almost pornographic. 
Stuffed Care Bear? Giant blue gorilla? Or maybe a cuddly one hundred dollar bill?

Overall, we had a great time at the good 'ol state fair. We left feeling full and really good about ourselves. There's nothing like people-watching at the fair to make you feel like you've really got your life together. Thanks to my sweet friends for a great afternoon!

Have a great Monday everybody!


  1. Cuddly one hundred dollar bill! love it!

  2. Best Sunday EVER...
    Love y'all so much!

  3. "Dickey's shakin his corndog at me!!" paahaaa!