Wednesday, October 27, 2010

dining rooms over the last five years

This is our dining room in our first house, circa 2005. I loved that little place. I could vacuum the whole house using one plug-in. When we bought this house in December of 2005, we had been living with my very generous parents after Hurricane Katrina for the past five months. We were all excited when we moved into this adorable 1940's bungalow. We sold most of our furniture with our house in New Orleans and bought a lot of new pieces to go in this house, along with this set. This little dining room was so cute. It had a great bay window and a little pass through to the kitchen. We established a great friendship with the people that bought it and always jump at the chance to come over when we are invited.

This is where we moved in 2008. It was also a cute little bungalow not far from where we lived before. In fact, we could see the tall tree in the backyard of the old place from this house's backyard. I happily moved in and got right to painting, pulling up carpet, picking out new light fixtures, and shopping for new pieces for our whopping extra 200 square feet we gained. I could have lived here longer, but we had the neighbor from hell. She hated us with a passion from the day we moved in until we sold it one year later.

As you know, this is our current dining room. Of course, it's my favorite of the three. This is the oldest and largest house we've ever lived in. I guess that's why I love it so much. I love the idea that people have been sitting and enjoying each other in this room for the last 70+ years. You can't beat an old house. Sure it has it's leaky air ducts, no garage, and none of the doors shut all the way, but I love the idea of sitting in the same room with my family where so many countless conversations have been had before us.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

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