Tuesday, October 26, 2010

this one's for you, roy

Those that know me well, know about my slight obsession for estate sales. The thrill of being one of the first in a long line of people to walk through a beautiful historic home...finding that special something for nearly nothing...bringing new life to someone's once beloved treasure...No one gets this more than my good pal, Roy Dudley. He is the man, the myth, the legend. And this post is a tribute to the treasures he had sold me over the last year.
You know I love white ironstone. I love this giant pitcher, and it was only $20. A steal!

Galvanized metal is also a passion of mine. Loved this oval bucket for $12.

Don't even get me started on owls. Roy knows this about me. He always smiles and nods in approval when I find them in his sales. "I'd knew you'd love that," he says.  

I got these brass candelabras and spray-painted them black for Halloween. I think they look beautifully spooky. 

Last summer, Roy liquidated the old Camark pottery warehouse in Camden and I got this great mold that I use as an art piece. It was a salt and pepper mold, but I love the P before the S. It's also my mother-in-law's initials, so I placed it next to a treasured picture of her holding my husband as a newborn.

Once to my surprise, Roy presented me with this little gift of an old sketch of a owl on tissue paper and glued to a piece of cardstock. I took it and had it matted and framed. I love it so much! Thanks Roy!

This old dough bowl made the perfect magazine holder on my coffee table. In the summer, I fill it with green apples. It never gets put away. I'm constantly moving it around and filling it with all kinds of neat things: pictures, candlesticks, Christmas ornaments, seashells...it goes with everything.

I got this gorgeous vintage linen still on the bolt for $30. There were yards and yards of it. My mom made it into a shower curtain and used the rest for the little drape. It has all my favorite colors in it: pumpkin, lime green, and turquoise! Heaven!

This cute little TV cabinet was the perfect small-scale size for our guest room. I got it for $75! Is that not insane? And that rug that you see a glimpse of is humongous and wonderful. It was a Christmas gift from my mom that came from one of Roy's sales. It's a family affair!

This collection of frames is also from Roy. I took old scanned photos and printed them off at Walgreens in black and white and framed them. Everyone that comes over loves to take a gander as they maneuver down the very treacherous staircase. It's probably an accident waiting to happen, but it looks so good!

See that owl lamp over there in the corner? Oh how I love thee! That grouping of plates over the bed is also from Roy. It's bad huh. I mean, EVERYTHING in my house basically came from him. When I don't show up at his sales, his staff is concerned that something is terribly wrong. They all breathe a sigh of relief when I get there late on Friday afternoons. They forget I have to work during the school year.

Last but not least, this little wooden Boston Terrier. I almost had a fit when I saw it. I snatched it up, looking over both shoulders to see if anyone was seeing how happy I was. (My elation went unnoticed-another thing I love about estate sales: everyone is having so much fun, you can shop completely anonymously. Make-up? Who needs it! Coming straight from the gym? Who cares! Come as you are! No one there is thinking about anything else except how much cash they have on hand or where they're going to put this thing.)
 That collection of vintage children's books is also some of Roy's merchandise. Someday, my future child will inherit them and hopefully my passion for all things repurposed.

Roy, you should change your name to Joy! Because that's what you bring to the people of Little Rock every weekend! Thanks!

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